*Please note that EG follows the English curriculum, students from Year 3 onwards are required to have English proficiency.

Our admission process is made of 3 steps,  we kindly ask you that you follow them through:


Get to know us through our school website and social media. Complete our online Admissions form.


School will contact you to arrange a face to face meeting and tour of the school, or a virtual meeting, depending upon your situation. The purpose of this stage is for you to find out more about us and our values, and for you to tell us your story.


If you choose to move to this stage, you will need to send us the last two years reports and any other relevant assessments or information for your child/children.

Once received, we will arrange for you to meet the appropriate Heads of Learning. If your child/children are in Year 3 or above, they will be required to take age appropriate assessments in English and maths.

If STAGE 3 is successfully completed, you will either be offered a place/places or added to our waiting list.