5 min. video: Our Young Reporters and the Sea – Nuestros jóvenes reporteros y el mar

Introducing our interdisciplinary project focused on the marine environment and in collaboration with MedGardens. Our students conducted research with the support of marine scientists, interviewed experts, and produced articles and videos to raise awareness about the threats posed by invasive algae in the Mediterranean, along with positive actions that can be taken. https://youtu.be/8qbhZ_EpugE

From Invasive Algae to a Delicious Treat – Young Reporters

We are proud to share with you the article written by Year 9 students Victoria Sánchez and Hannah Hermann, an example of creativity and innovation. 1st Prize at the national competition “Young Reporters for the Environment”: Category : Articles 10-14 years old Top left: Hannah and Victoria with Chef María Salinas and her team at the […]

Small Actions, Great Impact / Pequeñas acciones, Gran impacto – Young Reporters

Don´t miss this video by Year 8 students Bruno Canals, Miguel Sánchez, Pau Schweins and Oscar Fincher-Sell. 1st Prize at the national competition  “Young Reporters for the Environment” Category: Video 10-14 yrs https://escola-global.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Small-Actions-Great-Impact-LOW.mov ESP PEQUEÑAS ACCIONES = GRAN IMPACTO By: Bruno Canals, Miguel Sánchez, Pau Schweins, Oscar Fincher-Sell. Con esta idea en mente, nuestro equipo […]