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New approaches to education ensure that in the practice of drama the student is the protagonist of his own learning, thereby developing his personal skills, memory, expressiveness and creativity, as well as those skills related to self-esteem and initiative.

All these individual capacities are reinforced by group work, a true cooperative work in which the effort of one is that of all.

Students depend on, trust and contribute to the development of a project – from rehearsals to staging – which culminates in the performance, where all of them experience the recognition of the work done and the satisfaction of shared success.


Scientific studies indicate that music has a very positive effect on the cognitive, intellectual, psychological and creative development of children. It has even been shown that it stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain which is responsible for learning language, numbers and the use of logic.

Likewise, it has been proven that music increases the capacity of memory, attention and concentration and that there is a correlation between music and mathematics.

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Did you know that artistic painting is a way to promote creativity, communication, imagination and sensitivity?

One of the most healthy and recommended factors to improve the cognitive and intellectual development of children is through these painting techniques.

Through drawings, our students reflect to a great extent the characters, landscapes and environments that are part of their particular world

In addition, through the colours, figures and symbolism of these works, the child communicates by showing part of his or her intimacy and deepest feelings, while at the same time developing his or her creativity.