Creativity is a medium for students to express themselves, nurture their imagination, and cultivate a passion for exploration in diverse fields.

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In Primary, art is integral to their learning. Students actively engage in artistic activities related to their topics. Year 5 to Year 9, and Art IGCSE students, have weekly classes in our Art Studio, exploring diverse art expressions and learning about master artists.


Primary students, starting from Year 3, have a weekly class in the Music Studio, where they explore keyboard and ukulele, learning notes, chords, musical notation and rhythms while enjoying regular singing.  

In Secondary, up to Year 9, they have 2 weekly classes, and they deepen their understanding of musical elements and explore genres such as Blues, Soul, Classical and Romantic music, film scores, and music technology.

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Drama is unique in nurturing self-expression and fostering positive relationships. We include a weekly drama lesson for all students from Year 1 to Year 9.


Primary students bring stories to life through creativity, team-building games, improvisation, and play script writing for older students. Additionally, they participate in the End of Year production.

Secondary students, up to Year 9, explore voice, mime and improvisation techniques, and develop text-based scenes connected to English readings of the curriculum.