Physical Education at Escola Global

At Escola Global International School, we believe it’s crucial for students to stay active and adopt healthy habits through our Physical Education programme. Values like teamwork, fair play, personal improvement, and friendly competition are integral to our approach.

UIB Facilities and Diverse Experiences

Our Primary and Secondary students use Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) facilities, including swimming. Starting from Year 4, they get the opportunity to try different sports experiences, such as sailing, golf, or climbing at specific times during the year. 

Complete Sports Programme

  • Early Years and Reception: Basic Motor Skills development led by our P.E. teacher here on EG campus.

  • Primary: Activities cover movement, balance, cooperative challenges, and various sports.

  • Secondary (KS3 – Years 7-9): Features orienteering, rounders, tennis games, water polo, rugby, and traditional games.

  • Secondary (KS4 – Years 10-11): Involves sports like cross-country running, life-saving, badminton, and hill walking.

Our holistic sports education emphasises physical well-being and life skills development through engaging activities.