Our commitment to sustainability is evident in both our curriculum and our actions.


In 2021, Escola Global joined the international Eco-Schools network, integrating sustainability into the curriculum and forming ‘Green Teams’. Our aim is to educate and empower students to make a positive impact on our community and the wider world. 

In Early Years students explore nature off-campus weekly. In ‘Understanding the World’ and ‘Biology,’ Primary students engage in hands-on learning about biodiversity, horticulture, and food origins. This journey culminates in Years 5 to 7, where each student spends one morning with our kitchen team, learning to prepare and serve meals.


In Secondary, we’ve incorporated Water, Energy, and Waste, plus Global Citizenship, into our curriculum. Additionally, activities such as beach clean-ups, interviews, and visits to water reservoirs in the Tramuntana are organised to deeply engage students.

Blue Schools

Our dedication to connecting students with the sea has earned us the prestigious ‘Blue School’ certificate from the European Union. 

Primary programmes include marine workshops with the Associació Vellmarí, featuring engaging activities such as creating coral reefs and binocular loupe observations. This learning journey connects students with the marine world through creativity and curiosity.

In secondary, each year explores a different aspect of the marine environment with dedicated projects (Posidonia, turtles, coastal systems…). Through interactive experiences  such as simulated turtle rescues, collecting and observing Posidonia samples, and gathering data on coastal dune systems, students connect with nature, cultivating a deep appreciation beyond mere academic understanding.


MedGardens, Save the Med, Almas Marinas, Associació Vellmarí, Associació Tardor