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One future, two pathways

What makes EG College different?

At EG College we recognise that our students are all unique; each one has a different need from their further education. In response to this we have created ‘schools within schools’ which allow our students to choose one of two distinct pathways. We offer the classic ‘Academic’ route into University with the world-renowned English A-Levels which are recognised in the European framework and can also provide entry to Spanish Universities. However, what makes us unique is that we also provide students with a second option, an opportunity to ‘Work and Learn’ at the same time with our ‘Vocational’ pathway and our ‘Connect2Work’ programmes.


A traditional programme of AS / A-Levels

A combination of work experience & Vocational AS / A-Levels


Alongside traditional AS / A-Level courses we also offer subjects connected to our unique situation in the Science Park adjacent to the University, UIB.

Our academic programmes are taught in flexible blocks, allowing students a choice over the vocational or academic route. This will enable ‘deep learning’ to take place in an area that the student chooses. We have a number of programmes which link to our pathways on offer and increase both your employability and chances of securing a University place.

Learning to learn,

Where the student can choose to study towards the AS/A-Levels and thus increase their chances of obtaining a place at a top University.


Which offers work experience with a local employer and a real chance of permanent employment after further education.

EG Plus,

Online portfolio and record of achievement.


Academic Collaborators




“Thousands of learners worldwide gain places at leading universities every year with Cambridge International AS and A-Levels.”

Planned roll-out AS / A-level offers*

The A-Level (Advanced Level)
is a subject-based qualification offered to students who/that have completed secondary education and are pre-university qualifications. A-Levels are generally worked towards over two years and require 360 guided learning hours (GLH).

The AS-Level (Advanced Subsidiary Level)
encompasses the first year of the full A-Level content but can be also be a stand-alone one year course as well as used in the completion of further A-Levels. AS-Levels require 180 guided learning hours (GLH) and can be used to help matriculate university entrance alongside A-Levels. Entrance to British Universities normally require 3 A-levels but students can also matriculate with 2 A-Levels and 2 AS-Levels.


Our vocational collaborators


These are our partners where we organize internships, courses and work placements through our Connect2Work programme.




Design and communication


Online Technology




Environmental Education


Marine Technology


Design and Architecture