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Bizimindz general information

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This year, we need to receive from you a direct debit authorisation and account number due to efficient payment procedures. We’ll charge your account on the 5th October, 15th January and 16th of April of for each corresponding term and if you want to cancel a term, please do this with one week in advance before term starts.

The programme starts on the last week of September, Monday the 25th.

Chess Club

In the Chess Club we learn, play and improve our chess game. Learn the rules, tactics and strategy of the game, practice drills, team competitions and much more! The Chess Club is free if you join two other weekly activities and we offer a 50% discounts to students enrolled in one other weekly activity.

price: 75 € per term

Mini Ballet

Art classes based on the concerns and curiosities of the students; exploring drawing, painting, and the construction of objects with different materials. A form of free play where students can try new things and keep discovering! We also offer “crafts and carpentry classes” and an “Art IGCSE support class” for secondary students.

price:180 € per term

Music Club

Musical instrument classes

Piano, Guitar , Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Drums and Singing. 1 hour group sessions (3/4 students).

Individual classes available on request We offer a variety of high-quality instrumental tuitions both individually and in groups. Music is carefully selected and adapted to suit the needs of each group and individual, giving children the opportunity to develop their playing and musicianship skills, with opportunities to perform.

price:120 € per term

Pop & Rock Band

Join the band and play along. It´s is a great way to improve while collaborating and making new friends. Our teachers are there to guide the sessions and work towards a stage performance. We offer places for electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. There is a 50% discount for students enrolled in a group or private weekly session.

price:120 € per term

Fun with Music

We explore musical instruments, musical language, playful activities with sound and movement.

price:2 sessions per week 240 € per term

Drama Club

In Drama Club we will explore a range of acting techniques to improve our confidence and skills vocally and physically. We will also explore the design aspects of Theatre, such as set, costume and make-up design. We will also showcase our work in an end of year public performance.

price:180 € per term

Film Club

Film Club is all about making your own films. We work with the students to teach them the fundamentals of movie making - shooting, editing and sound for all types of films - drama, comedy - even sci-fi. The students will make a new movie every four weeks - learning through doing.

price:180 € per term

Dance Club

Street Dance

The heart of the dance class is the creation of choreographies: we explore, create and arrange dance moves. Mainly we focus on Hip Hop and its bouncing hydraulics, but we also include elegant and graceful moves originating in Modern Jazz / Contemporary Dance.

price:120 € per term

Sports Club


We are offering classes both introductory and advanced level football classes. The course will include not only football games but games adapted to capture the movements of the sport as well as psychomotor games with and/or without the ball. Learn playing technique focusing on driving the ball, shooting and ball control. Classes will be held at Campusesport at the University UIB.

price:170 € per term


Karate serves as a method of self-defense, and is also one of the most complete physical and mental sports for young people, encouraging bone and muscle development. Kids will have fun while learning discipline, tolerance, and respect. Lessons can be extended by a further hour for older students if they are interested.

price: 210 €/105 € per term (double or single)

Yoga for kids & Yoga for adults

Yoga is a tool being in harmony with yourself and your environment through movement and play. It fosters students concentration and will support academic success. They learn to control their body and emotions crucial for their personal development.

price:price and time on demand


Many of our children seem to be interested by tenis. We could organise tuitions, tournaments, school team… Please let us know what you think about it!

price:price and time on demand

Figure skating

We will learn in a fun way to evolve with 2 shafts skates, we will work with techniques to move around and gradually develop control of the body and movements and improve their harmony and coordination.

price: 120 € per term


Triathlon is growing and involves the three disciplines swimming, cycling and running. EG’s goal is to educate athletes and parents about the sport. The goal of our triathlon series is to promote a fun and safe environment for everyone to become exposed to the sport.

The sport of triathlon is a great way to stay active and healthy, and compete in an incredibly fun setting.

We are going to focus on building endurance and speed while teaching correct techniques of swimming cycling and running. Our goal is to include every participant and to provide an opportunity for both very beginners and aspiring Olympians to get started.

price: 120 € per term

Kindergarten Games Club

Learn while playing. After school fun where we continue to discover and experience through activities in nature, social and emotional games and more to encourage a favorable and positive development for all our children.

price: 120 € per term

Academic Club

During the school year we offer academic extracurricular activities. Our teacher specialists design a specific program for students who are interested to foster their academic level in core subjects such as English, Math, Science, Castellano etc.

price: price and time on demand

Technology Club

Drone course

Piloting in spaces and circuits (initiation); piloting in spaces and advanced circuits without seeing the drone (advanced); basic aerodynamics; mounting a drone (robotics workshop); filming and aerial photography.

price: price and time on demand

Audiovisual courses

Draw and make 3D modeling high polygonization 3D characters print in 3d your creations; editing video with after fx, notions of recording and script to define a project. Creation of web pages. Define a project and publish it, SEO knowledge. CMS better known its use and its most practical objective; social networks.

price: price and time on demand