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International School in Palma

Escola Global is an International School: created in 2008; approved by the Conselleria de Educación; with center code 07015276. We follow the English and Spanish national curriculums from Early Years through to Secondary.  

We are an authorized Cambridge International examination center able to offer IGCSE and A level examinations.

We offer a creative curriculum endorsed both by NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain) and by the Spanish local authority.

Escola Global is focused on developing young global citizens who will grow into smart, kind and compassionate adults in this rapidly changing world. 

We do that by combining respect for multiple intelligences and a project based, academic education adapted to children’s needs.

Our students and teachers come from very diverse cultures, backgrounds and nationalities.which include American, Argentinian, British, Canadian, Danish, French, German, Irish, Norwegian, etc.

This multicultural and international mix adds another dimension to our school’s special atmosphere-one that helps instil not just tolerance, but acceptance, into every day.

Our present comes from our past…

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International School in Palma

Escola Global was founded to cover the need for interdisciplinary, international education in Palma de Mallorca.

We wanted a school that would look at the child holistically, and imbue sustainability, equitability, community and hands-on learning into their experience.

We have worked tirelessly since then (and still do) to ensure that our English and Spanish national curriculums, staff, and campus are at the highest standard of excellence.

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