Sixth Form

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From 16 to 18 years old

 ‘Inspiring compassionate changemakers’

We are a values-driven international school in the heart of Mallorca, opening our unique Sixth Form programme soon.

Escola Global is a place where you will grow and flourish, both as an individual and as part of our global community. 

Your learning will be ‘organic’ and sustainable, deepening your subject knowledge, developing skills for life-long learning and ‘skills for life’.

Holistic approach

Our well-rounded education programme has academic rigour while remaining true to our values.

We will help you to:

  • Learn more about yourself and others around you
  • Develop your confidence to seek out connections
  • Find your voice and nurture your talents
  • Become  passionate and committed to living as a truly global citizen


Current research and direct feedback from senior university lecturers indicates that a holistic approach is more in line with the needs of this generation of students. “Old ways won´t open new doors”

Our Sixth Form in three dimensions

  • Academic Development
    • A-Levels give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in those subjects that inspire you and that you really connect with. 
    • The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an additional qualification where you have the freedom to undertake a research project on an aspect of your learning you feel passionate about. You can present your research through an investigation, a dissertation, an artefact or a performance. 


  • Enrichment: This is a unique opportunity to widen your knowledge and understanding. We encourage you to keep a balance and nurture your passions through an interdisciplinary programme which includes creativity, arts, sports and weekend expeditions. 


  • Connections: Through week-long work placements and volunteering, you will undertake new challenges to help you open your mind and  move beyond your comfort zone! This is your chance to discover different environments,  and gain confidence.


Academic development
Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
Personal Growth
Sports in our natural surroundings
Work & volunteer placements
Weekend adventure trips
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