Nourishing both the body and the soul of our school community

Nourishing Minds with Balanced Nutrition

Our dedicated kitchen team crafts meals using fresh, local, and often organic produce, including vegetarian and vegan options. Students develop healthy eating habits in our dining room.

Raffaela Sasse, our Head Chef since 2011, brings international experience from Michelin-starred restaurants and renowned hotels, including the Ritz Hotel in London. Her expertise is complemented by her training as a nutritionist in Germany.

Kitchen Learning Journey
Students from Year 5 to 7 (and upon request for older students) enjoy our special Kitchen Experience. They spend a morning alongside our chefs, learning to prepare and serve meals, fostering culinary skills and a deeper appreciation for wholesome eating. A highly popular experience!

Celebrating Local Festivities
Escola Global loves celebrating local festivities. Our kitchen team plays a special role by contributing unique culinary delights that honour these occasions.

Extracurricular activities

For passionate young chefs, cooking extracurriculars with Raffaela in our kitchen are available.