Summer Camp

                     2024 has arrived, and we are preparing lots of activites and adventures for Escola Global´s Summer Camp 2024.                                                         As per previous years, we will combine our holistic education expertise with the island’s largest adventure sports company, Experience Mallorca, to offer a unique summer programme. For now, you can get a glimpse of what our previous Summer Camps have been like.  

Language & friends

Your kids will enjoy an exciting summer making new friends in an English-Spanish language environment.

We will have 4 age group categories with levels of the activities to suit.

Nature Guardians I and II (3- 4 years old and 5-6 years old)

Young Explorers (7 years old to 9 years old)

Thrill Seekers (10 years old to 12 years old)

These groups will not be exclusive, and we will ask for the names of friends as we realise children may have friends of a different age. We will publish the list at the beginning of every week so that your child knows who she or he is with.

We will run a WhatsApp group to communicate with parents – important information and photos.

Outdoor and excursions

Nature Guardians II, Young explorers and Thrill Seekers will have 3 days a week out of Escola global camp whilstThe Nature Guardians will have sports and craftactivities at Escola Global, with the option ofonedayoutaweek. On the other 2 days we will be bringing the adventure to Parc Bit. 

Escola Global offers us a safe environment with facilities to provide lunch, changing facilities, a weatherproof venue and of course a dedicated play zone for 3-5years. They also allow us to bring the adventure to the school with climbing walls, zip lines, archery, water slides and so much more. 

Times and location

Monday to Friday

 9:00 14.00 Hs no Lunch included

 9:00 16.00 Hs with lunch included

Escola Global Facilities. 

Own kitchen and dining room

Parc Bit (Palma)

Campus themed weeks

*Please note that the below information is of previous Escola Global Summer Camps. We are currently working on our 2024 schedule* 

With 7 weeks each themed around Mallorca’s top adventure sports, your child will gain confidence, skill and resilience, alongside as well as problem solving skills, teamwork and memories for life.

Week 1  26th June – 30th June  – 

Sea And Cliff Adventures – Kayak, Ziplining into the Sea, Cliff jumping and all things under the sea.

Week 2  3rd July – 7th July –

 Urban Sports Week  – mountain biking, martial arts, parkour sessions and everything in Urban city life.

Week 3 10th July – 14th July – 

Caves and Night Sky. Discover caving for real, planetarium visits, astrology, pre historic communication.

Week 4 17th July – 21st July – 

Climbing to new heights, Rock climbing, Dock 39 wall and surf session, competition’s on our own wall,

Week 5 24th July  – 28th July –  

Warrior Training – Boot Camp, agility training, water warrior course, Zip Line

Week 6 31st July  – 4th August –  

Sea and Cliff part 2 cliff jumping, water caves,

Week 7 7th  August -11th August  –

 Best of the Best, – The Best activities Of the Week 


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How does our Week Run?

Each Week the camp will run on a different theme this means that the activities and adventures link around the sport, we understand children might be at different levels and all the activities are by choice, alternatives will be available.

Every Day At Camp We aim to have: 

  • 2 Sports and Action Sessions.

  • 2 Experiment Labs.

  • 2 Arts Sessions.

These are changed Every Week to provide a new experience each week.

Below is an example. Please Bear in mind we structure each group different times to speed up and day excursions will be dependent on age.

Health & Safety

Health and safety are our number one priority so parents should read the additional information carefully before enrolment.
We have Campus monitors as well as qualified staff for risk activities.
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For 3-4 years old-   Nature Guardians I 

  • No lunch: one week 195€, subsequent weeks 190€

  • With Lunch: one week 230€, subsequent weeks 210€


For 5 + years old: – Nature Guardians II – Young Explorers – Thrill Seekers

  • No lunch: one week 200€, subsequent weeks 200€

  • With Lunch: one week 240€, subsequent weeks 230€

  • 1 day of foods and extra hours 16 hs: 12 €