From Invasive Algae to a Delicious Treat – Young Reporters

Authors:  Victoria Sánchez & Hannah Hermann  Our research started when we were introduced to the world of invasive algaes and how they threatened Posidonia oceanica forests. We learnt how they originated and spread and about their negative impacts in the sea. In Spain, the expansion of Rugulopteryx okamurae is one of the major concerns. Solutions […]

Preserving the Mediterranean using innovative technology – Young Reporters

Authors:  Tana Baier Hadsbjerg and Georgia Sarmiento McNeil, Y10 Maintaining the health of the ecosystems in the Mediterranean is vitally important to the preservation of our future, and to do this, Posidonia oceanica, an endemic seagrass to the Mediterranean Sea, is of critical importance.  Posidonia brings multiple benefits to the environment, and has quite a […]

Small Actions, Great Impact / Pequeñas acciones, Gran impacto – Young Reporters ESP PEQUEÑAS ACCIONES = GRAN IMPACTO By: Bruno Canals, Miguel Sánchez, Pau Schweins, Oscar Fincher-Sell. Con esta idea en mente, nuestro equipo de Y8 @medgardens está preparando un breve reportaje sobre la posidonia y las algas invasoras para el concurso ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ A este grupo les llamó la atención cómo acciones tan pequeñas (como […]

Our Green Team at work – Nuestro Green Team empieza a trabajar

ENG 1st WEEK of Eco-Schools We had 40 students volunteering to be part of the Green Team! The students were grouped in teams of four. They were asked to agree on one shared dream and define one action to move towards that dream. The themes were School Grounds and Waste. 2nd WEEK of Eco-Schools Years […]

EG joins Eco-Schools – EG se une a Ecoescuelas

ENG In September 2021 we joined Eco-schools, the largest global sustainable schools programme. The aim of this international project is to ‘empower students to be the change that our sustainable world needs’. Our membership will provide us with a framework and fantastic support  as we work towards Green Flag accreditation: We will have access to […]