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Unique genius in every child

We are committed to respecting and developing the unique genius in every child. 

Rather than expecting the same skills of each student, we work to find your child’s passion and inspire them with the confidence and mastery to pursue it.

Escola Global has created a space where children of all backgrounds feel safe to be themselves, become avid learners, and strive to make a difference in the lives of others.

The family

We firmly believe in the powerful benefits of the involvement of an active community.

We have developed and strongly promote a close connection between our teaching team and the parent community which has its basis in the shared philosophy and values. 

Our Class Representatives  work to maintain and communicate our shared beliefs, our principles, our sense of community and to look for creative solutions to improve our school.

We rely on that integration and encourage input and feedback from parents.

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At Escola Global, we believe that our multicultural environment is one of our biggest assets. For this reason, it is crucial that our students not only tolerate differences but develop an appreciation for those differences.

We encourage students to express their beliefs and values to foster self-discovery and group connection.

In order to facilitate acceptance, we unanimously agree and operate a strict ‘zero tolerance’ policy to bullying, and apply a restorative approach with our students for conflict resolution.

This approach focuses on the accountability for actions with specific emphasis on empathy and the reparation of harm done

Broad view of the world

Our sense of community extends beyond our school, the island of Mallorca and Spain.

In a world of intense use of technology and social media, we encourage our students to look beyond their front door to realise that as a community, locally and globally, we can make positive change, broaden our perspectives, and feed our global intelligence.

We teach this to our children by being involved in local charities as part of our school projects, by being aware of our changing world, and by helping them understand that there are no limits to them helping to make the world a better place.

Resilience through life skills

We are determined to ensure our children learn and practice qualities and values like resilience, hard work, perseverance, tolerance and empathy.

We actively promote collaboration between parents, students, and teachers to achieve this.

The students learn by being modeled to, when they see how to operate in the world in a fashion that facilitates happiness and success, they can recreate that for themselves.

When students leave Escola Global, they have the concrete tools they need to succeed in life

Learning by doing

We believe that passionate citizenry is cultivated through learning by doing and that is why our teachers come to school every day, It’s why they teach.

There’s an old saying:

If you can find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” 

This is the objective we wish for your children.


we are so much more

than the sum of our individual strengths and talents